Design and direction of SeaWorld’s Orca Encounter video content which is displayed on 130-foot x 40 foot, 8k screen. This 20-minute educational video utilized footage of Orca’s from around the world in their natural habitats which we sourced 4 & 8k footage, edited and designed a visual language to tell the Orca’s story.  Which included the creation of the first-ever three dimensional anatomically correct model of the Orca and it’s 10 known ecotypes. The Orca was modeled inside and out to help these international audiences better understand these amazing animals and how their bodies work.  The content doesn’t stand alone, there’s an entire live brand experience around this content including natural scenic, the trainers and of course the Orcas.  We compared and contrasted Orca’s natural behaviors in the wild with the one’s at SeaWorld. Working with the key production company and the SeaWorld staff was a wonderful experience when you get close you can really see how much these people care about these animals and the environment.