I was responsible for the design and direction of SeaWorld’s Orca Encounter video content which is displayed on 130 foot x 40 foot, 8k screen. This 20 minute educational video utilized footage of Orca’s from around the world in their natural habitats which we sourced 4 & 8k footage, edited and designed a visual language to tell the Orca’s story.  The content doesn’t stand alone, there’s an entire brand experience around this content including natural scenic, the trainers and of course the Orca’s. 
This project  helped change the public perception of SeaWorld by showing them that they truly care about the environment and these amazing animals.
And I did it on a screen big enough to show the world’s
largest mammal, the blue whale (at actual size in 8K)
I created the first-ever three dimensional anatomically correct model of the Orca and it’s 10 known ecotypes. I modeled the Orca inside and out to help these international audiences better understand these amazing animals and how their bodies work. 
I was responsible for storyboarding the entire experience. With such a large screen it was important to create a balance between the live and on screen performance as to not over power one or the other and pull focus to key moments.  We compared and contrasted Orca’s natural behaviors in the wild with the one’s at SeaWorld.
Below are side by side comparisons of the story boards to static images to animated content, showing how the original concept was closely executed.
Watch it in HD. 
Or in other words, one-quarter of the resolution it was created in.
Behind the Scenes
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